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    Unique and Revolutionary AlignForMe System: Intelligent markers gives you the guidance you may need to catch your postures. Gives stability and cushioning. Unique "Grip for me" material: Grippiest yoga mat material currently available on earth.Even when you are "Sweaty wet". Wider and longer. Planet Friendly: no toxic glues. PVC free. Delivered with its...

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    109,00 €

    Same benefits as the Classic LIFORME yoga mat, in a thiner (2mm) and smaller version to be portable ( 1,6kg). Markers to help you for precise alignments, grippiest material, even if you sweat a lot, Biodegradable, Planet Friendly ( no glue, no ink), wider and longer, made by yogis for yogis. Delivered with its travel bag. Color: Green     Weight: 1,6 kg...

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