During a yoga session, we experience sounds, colours, words, memories, and images.

For over twenty years we practiced yoga in leggings made of lycra that we bought at mass retailers and old T-shirts from the back of our closets. The only specific item we wore was our sports bras because we didn't like the way normal bra hooks dug into our backs when doing shoulder stands and rolls.

One day during meditation, the birds were chirping like crazy. We realized how much yoga connects us to the trees, the flowers, the sun, the clouds, the sky. It doesn't make sense to work on our energy centres without respecting these things.

From that day forward, we looked for yoga clothes produced in a way that respects the environment and the people who make them. That exists. And it really changes everything. We practice without the burden associated with the negative conditions that most mass market goods are made in.

At Yoga & Posture, we select the best brands of yoga clothes, made from environmentally friendly materials, dyes and inks (when there are printed patterns).

Our clothes are elegant and specially designed for yoga (soft and super stretchy in all directions).

The production sites use fair manufacturing practices and working conditions (the sites are certified by recognized organizations).

Our yoga practice is consistent with our values, and all the clothes sold by Yoga & Posture are in keeping with the traditional values of yoga.


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