Born in 2009, Natural Born Yogi is a Yoga label for fashion and accessories with Yoga-inspired motives. Their collection covers high quality yoga shirts and stylish leggings, all printed. All their products are made from natural materials (organic cotton, bamboo, tencel, etc.) and produced under eco-friendly and fair working conditions. The design and finishing of all products is completely done in Munich, Germany.

A portion of the proceeds are donated to children in need. they support the organization Back to Life e.V. which is committed to the welfare of street children in India and Nepal.

At Natural Born Yogi they love Yoga...and they love comfy Yoga wear with inspiring prints. They love their fellow human beings and their environment. Because of that, all their products are made of high quality, natural materials and are produced under eco-friendly and fair working conditions. No matter if it's for intensive Power Yoga, flowy Yinyasa Yoga or calm Yin matter if it's for meditation, sun salutations or will feel great with their Yoga shirts, Yoga tops and Yoga leggings. Maybe you will even feel so great that you don't want to take them off after Yoga class. And maybe they will even become your favourite items off the Yoga mat in your leisure time. This won't be a surprise, because it's the same for many of us :-)
Om Shanti Shanti Shantiii


YogiCompany has been founded in July 2016by Marc Fenner. The whole story started with a yellow T-Shirt that Marc was needing for his yoga teatcher training. Marc looked everywhere for this T-Shirt and eventually found one with huge letters of a famous sport brand (PUMA). After a first yoga training cession with this T-Shirt, he thought he would need a more « yogi » inspired cloth. He followed training courses of Serigraphy in order to be able to print by himself a yantra print on a yellow T-Shirt. He raised some money on the Crowdfunding platform StartNext and he launched his Company.

Today Marc and Suzanne make T-shirts, bags and hoodies. All their fabrics are respecting the environnement ( Organic Cotton and Sustainable Bamboo) and all their printing inks are organic. Their yoga clothes are extremelty confortable and all their prints are yoga minded. This company is still quite small but we loved their products and their energy. YogiCompany : made with Prana and Love.

YogiCompany belongs to the Association of Sustainable Companies

Yogi Company


In 2000, Nathalie Prieger founded Mandala with a visionnaire philosophy.

With a Fashion background, Nathalie Prieger wanted to create comfortable, elegant, feminine yoga clothes while respecting people and environment . She was the very first in Germany and Mandala is now one of the most successful and well-known yoga brands there.

Mandala fabrics are fantastic, made according GOTS rules (Global Organic Textile Standard): made with Organic Cotton, or hand-woven silk, or Tencel. And all Mandala products are respecting Ethic rules. They are made in family farms or small ateliers in Turquia, China or India.

You can wash Mandala leggings thirty-six times, they won’t move. And they will stay incredibly soft and comfortable.

The pionneer Mandala is one of the best yoga clothes brands, at least the most elegant. Without any trade-off with sustainability and environment respect.


The idea of Jaya is based on the sustainable production of high-quality goods in the spirit of the Yoga concept Ahimsa: the non-violent and mindful treatment of ourselves and our surroundings. Jaya designs very nice yoga clothes all made in Nepal with an experienced partner.

Jaya Company cooperates with one of the first companies utilizing ecological materials. Women and men work in well-equiped studios under fair conditions. They are paid fairly. Jaya Founders visit regularly their production site thus building an amiable relationship with their partner. And ensuring the high quality of Jaya garments.

When garnments are made with Cotton, Jaya uses Organic Cotton. Which garanties a protection for the environement and for the farmers who cultivate the Cotton. They also only use skin- and environment-friendly dyes for the coloration of their garments, and silk-screen print with water-soluble colors.

In choosing the production of sustainable clothing Jaya Company aims at improving the health of our earth and of all people involved in their production cycle, themselves included.

And we loved that they act this way while proposing very nice designs and colors to practice any kind of yoga.


Since 2009 Langer Chen has been producing eco fashion in Shanghai. With their sustainable manufactory they are pioneering fair production and employment practices in China. LangerChen is dedicated to eco friendly and certified organic practices, they care about our environment, their workers and they love what they do.
Their intention is to make a difference in the world and in the earth by creating green products and a business based on sustainability. All their unique organic fabrics are specially developed here using their own techniques.
« We must all do what we can to use our earths resources as wisely as possible, because it effects all of us. »

Langer Chen has been created by Philipp Langer and Miranda Chen en 2009. Their products are made with Organic Coton and are water proofed without any PFC, the famous gas containing Fluor.

Besides all of these strong principles, their Raincoats and Parkas are beautiful. We love to wear them before or after our Yoga cessions.


GreenTee is a young fashion label from Munich that designs "basic shirts with a twist". We all looked for underwear T-shirts or Tank-shirts to wear under our favorite sweater, blouse or turtleneck. We found the softest, in Organic Cotton, and nicest, with very refined details.

The idea behind GreenTee is to offer basics to real woman throughout the year. Shirts named like « keep it pure » or « play with me » become all time favorite and reliable partners in a woman’s wardrobe.

All cotton fabrics are GOTS certified and GreenTee produces in small manufacturing facilities in the EU. A special packaging is made from recycled apple paper and is a homage to the vinyl record. GreenTee : true organic couture with a sincere, timeless yet fashionable and modern approach.


The Malaika Padma Brand has been created by Malaika Kremerman. So Malaika is the Founder’s first name. And Padma means « Lotus Flower » in Sanskrit.

The Malaika Padma brand designs and manufactures the Puna Chic ™ Yoga shorts made for Yoga practice, and especially for Iyengar Yoga.The connection to Yoga is made through the comfortableness, the attention to details, the cleanliness and clarity of the design and the integrity in which the shorts are made with. The matter, that is the cloth, receives its content and its spirit through the attention, thought and love that is put into it.

The fabrics are of a high quality and softness, and the care instruction is thoroughly checked. And of course, all cottons are Organic.Malaika Padma values your inner divine light, your heart and your time - and wants you to be completely happy with your purchase, so they do everything they can to ensure the clothing are made with no unfair labour and are spiritually clean.

Malaika Padma : « Clothing in the spirit of Yoga ». Just as we love it at Yoga & Posture.



Kitiwaké offers a truly feminine sportswear wardrobe. The objective: to create a good balance between sportswear functionality and a classic, elegant garment. Practical and aesthetically pleasing, Kitiwaké outfits are adapted to light, low impact sports but may also be worn out and about, to work or relaxing at home.. this sportswear collection seamlessly blends into day-to-day life!

The collection- SPRING TIME IN PARIS – Made in Paris and environmentally friendly

Kitiwaké develop their collections responsibly. For this first collection, they have specifically chosen beautiful, stretchable and soft on the skin fabrics to ensure maximum comfort. The garments are made from a blend of materials including micro-modal: a natural fibre derived from beech wood (certified Lenzing Modal®).


The fabrics and finishes are made in France (Troyes, Lyon and St Etienne). Each piece Kitiwaké designs is assembled in a specialist textile workshop in central Paris! Kitiwaké is wholeheartedly dedicated to working in partnership with this workshop for their know-how and guarantee of high quality. This workshop is also set apart by their ethical values. Their close proximity (Yoga & Posture is situated in Paris) allows us to optimise the use of transport and to respect the environment.


Yoga Searcher was established in Hossegor, in an old farm in the French Landes, turned by Bénédicte Peroz into a place for yoga classes and retreats. Since yoga is more than a passion, but also a way of life and a philosophy, Yoga Searcher also offers clothes to experience yoga in your everyday life.

Yoga Searcher clothes can be worn throughout the day. Yoga Searcher offers a range for yoga practice, and clothes for before and after working out. Timeless style, modern and refined, seamless construction for optimal comfort, beautiful and natural fabric materials (Bamboo, Coton, Wool, Linen), anti-perspirant treatment, vegetal dye and natural pigments.

The collections are made in Europe, in ECO-TEX certified workshops, with materials tested for harmful substances.


JOYAH is an ethical and fair brand from Monaco.

JOYAH garments are exclusively made of Bamboo and Organic Cotton. They combine quality, comfort and well-being.

All the products of the brand are organic, it means 100% natural, all coming from organic farming, without any chemical or dangerous substances. All its fabrics and the Company are certified by International labels (Gots, FareWear, among others).

JOYAH is inspired by the pure and natural style of the South of France for its cuts and uses timeless colors adapted to each season.

The name "JOYAH" comes from JOY, joy, happiness, positivity and AH, which means spirituality in Indian.



Common Texture is a slow fashion brand presenting unique accessories and luxury linens fusing traditional artisan crafts from around the globe with contemporary designs. The company is a cross cultural partnership of three women who after years of living in India formed a firm friendship based on a common love of Indian travel and its array of textile techniques. They developed the desire to produce pieces with a contemporary aesthetic but keeping with the traditional techniques. The brand supports traditional craftspeople and their techniques and aims to provide inspiration to new generations of artisans using the knowledge of their elders. In doing so hopefully keeping these unique skills alive for generations to come.

The idea for the yoga mat bag originated from the time the three co-founders were all living in India. India is one of the production front runners in the textile industry. A byproduct of this mass production is the enormous amount of fabric waste. Rejects or surplus fabric ends up in local neighborhoods where fabric sellers try to make a living reselling it. They were astounded by all the beautiful high quality fabric that could be found. They decided to produce a yoga mat bag by combining perfectly fine textile, destined to be waste and polluting the earth, with their yoga practice and living a life with compassion and awareness towards the planet.

The design of their yoga bags is minimalist, staying close to the quietness and a serene yoga practice. Combining soothing colors in 100% cotton canvas using re-purposed fabrics and trimmings in an attempt to reduce waste and turning something negative into a positive. The fabrics are carefully hand selected to ensure only the finest quality cottons are used. They are ethically produced, exquisitely handmade and each design is limited edition.



Liforme creates innovative yoga equipment designed to make your yoga practice better. Whether you practice Hatha, Ashtanga or Vinyasa Flow, Jivamukti or Iyengar (or any other styles of Yoga), Liforme Yoga Mats will help make each breath and each asana count. Liforme believes in pushing boundaries to create better things. They have spent years researching, re-designing, and re-developing to create the Liforme Yoga Mat, and their unique AlignForMe yoga Asana alignment system.

One of the most important functions of a Yoga Mat is to provide Grip. Liforme ‘s revolutionary « Gripforme » material is the grippiest Yoga Mat material currently available on earth (even when you’re sweaty wet !).

And Liforme Yoga Mat are as « planet friendly » as possible. They use naturally sourced sustainable rubber for the bulk of the mat. Alignforme Markers are etched to avoid printing and potentially harmful inks. And a revolutionary heat-bonding process eliminates the need for toxic glues to bind the top layer to the base layer. The Mat is PVC free, so it doesn’t contain any nasty « heavy metals » such as lead and cadmium.

To sum up, Liforme yoga Mats are made by yogis for yogis.

So get your best Yoga pants on and join us on the Liforme Yoga Mat.